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Will Wilson.png
Kanji ウィル
Rōmaji Uiru
Gender Male
Professional Status

Swim Club Coach

Clubs Australian Swimming Club
Personal Status
Anime Episode 26
Voice Actors
Japanese Jeff Manning
English R. Bruce Elliot

Will (ウィル Uiru) is a minor character in the anime series Free! beginning with [[ Free!-Dive to the Future-. He is a coach at the Australian Swimming Club in Sydney, Australia, where he works with competitive swimmers from around the world who swim at the global level or are preparing to do so. He is also the individual who introduces Rin Matsuoka to Mikhail Makarovich Nitori.


Will is an older man of average height and build with gray eyes and short, gray hair parted to the right. During practice he wears a blue-and-white track suit with lime green accents, pool sandals with socks and a stopwatch slung around his neck.


It is unknown how long Will has known Rin. He appears to be a laid-back individual who is a knowledgeable coach about the rigors of competitive swimming, possessing an eye for up and coming talent. As one of several coaches to the highly competitive swimmers who are a part of the multi-national team that trains there, Will must be sensitive to cultural differences while motivating the members of the club to get along with one another despite their intensely competitive natures.

He first introduces Mikhail to Rin as a personal friend and while Rin demonstrates his ability, Mikhail attempts to teach Will some Japanese slang since the coach is unfamiliar with it. Mikhail's quirky personality is taken in stride as Will assesses the compatibility between swimmer and potential professional coach, a skill learned through years of experience.