Tokyo Swimming Club
Hidaka pool
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Tokyo Swimming Club Members include:

The Tokyo Swimming Club is a currently unnamed swim club located in Tokyo.

The complex the club trains at is occupied predominantly by a shallow 25 metre pool, as well as having a small section with aquatic play equipment; both of which indicate the complex is mostly built for and attended by children. Despite this, Haruka Nanase frequently comes to swim at the complex due to its close proximity to his apartment.

Until recently, Nao Serizawa was the swim coach for the children until he had to quit unexpectedly prior to the events of Free!-Take Your Marks-. The club was looking for a new coach for quite some time until Makoto Tachibana recently decided to fill the role.

Currently the only named member of the club is Misaki Kuramoto; a motivated young boy whom Haru and Makoto met when they first went to look at the pool as part of Haru's apartment hunt. Misaki recently competed in a swimming competition where he came in second, though whether he was participating as a member of this club or as part of his elementary school's swim club is unknown.

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