Takuya Uozumi
Kanji 魚住拓也
Rōmaji Uozumi Takuya
Gender Male
Age 16-17 (Free!)
Professional Status
Occupation 3rd Year High School Student (Dive to the Future)
Affiliation Samezuka Badge Samezuka Academy
Swim Style Backstroke
Personal Status
Anime Episode 16
Light Novel N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobuyori Sagara
English Clifford Chapin

Takuya Uozumi (魚住拓也 Uozumi Takuya) is a member of Samezuka Academy's swim team. He was originally set to participate in a relay against Iwatobi High School's swim club, however, he was replaced by Momotaro Mikoshiba due to his performance in the individual event.


Uozumi stands shorter than Sosuke, but appears to be taller than Rin, placing him at about 5'11"-6'0", thus making him rather tall by Japanese standards. His eyebrows are noticeably thick, and his short, dark green hair is swept back. His eyes are a light green. Thus far, Uozumi has been seen primarily in swim garb, consisting of Samezuka's trademark jacket and swim briefs.




He first appears alongside Kazuki Minami in episode sixteen.