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Basic Info

Takuya Uozumi
Kanji 魚住 拓也
Rōmaji Uozumi Takuya
Also known as Uo-chan (by Nagisa Hazuki)
Gender Male
Age 16-17 (Free!)
Professional Status
Occupation University student

Naribusawa University
Samezuka Badge.png Samezuka Academy (former)


Naribusawa University Swim Club

Samezuka Swimming Club (former)

Swim Style Backstroke
Personal Status
Anime Episode 13
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobuyori Sagara
English Clifford Chapin

Takuya Uozumi (魚住 拓也 Uozumi Takuya) is a minor character in the anime series Free! beginning with Free!-Eternal Summer-. He is a former member of the Samezuka Swimming Club.

Following graduation from high school he attends Naribusawa University.*[1]


Uozumi is a tall young man with green eyes and short, dark green hair that is cut in a fade on the sides, but swept forward in the front. His eyebrows are notably thick. He is seen wearing the Samezuka Swim Club uniform.


Takuya is a strong athlete with a sense of fair play and teamwork, as evidenced when he is replaced in the medley relay event, yet still prompts his replacement to do well for the team.


He is originally set to participate in a relay against the Iwatobi High School Swim Club; however, he is replaced by Momotaro Mikoshiba at the last moment due to his having a slower time than Momotaro in the individual event.
*Translation Note: This information is gleaned from unofficial translations of media still in cinemas, as such, all related facts may be subject to change/corrections in the future when official translations are released.