Tadanori Sera
Kanji 世良 忠典
Rōmaji Sera Tadanori
Also known as Sera-senpai (by Rei)
Gender Male
Age 17-18
Professional Status
Occupation 3rd Year High School Student

Iwatobi Badge.png Iwatobi High School

Clubs Iwatobi Track Team
Personal Status
Anime Episode 15
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroyuki Yoshino
English David Trosko

Tadanori Sera (世良 忠典 Sera Tadanori) is a third year student at Iwatobi High School and a member of the Iwatobi Track Club.


Tadanori is a tall young man. As a third year, he wears the same uniform as Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana, a white shirt with a green, dotted tie and grey pants. His hair is a dark green, and his eyes are droopy and olive colored, framed by grey glasses.


He seems to be an observant individual with good leadership qualities, evidenced by the fact that he is the Captain of the Track team. When Rei Ryugazaki decides to join the Iwatobi High School Swim Club, he visits Tadanori, but grows anxious about what he's about to say. He stalls by talking about other things until, finally, Tadanori asks him if he wants to quit track. Rei is surprised at this, but Tadanori explains that he'd noticed the swim club members hanging around watching Rei.



Sera first appears in episode 15 - asking if Rei Ryugazaki would be interested in rejoining the track team.



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