Don't ever get in Rin's way again.
— Sosuke, speaking to Haruka Nanase about Rin.
Sosuke Yamazaki
Sosuke s3 profile pic
Kanji 山崎 宗介
Rōmaji Yamazaki Sōsuke
Also known as Sou-chan (by Nagisa)
Yamazaki-senpai/Sosuke-senpai (by Aiichiro and Momotaro)
Gender Male
Sign Virgo
Birthday September 14th
Age 17-18 (Eternal Summer)

19 (Dive to the Future)

Height 185 cm (6'1") (Free!)
186 cm (6'1") (Dive to the Future)
Weight 76 kg (167 lbs)
Professional Status
Occupation Restaurant Worker
Affiliation Sano Elementary School (former)
Sano Junior High School (former)
Tokitsu High School (former)
Samezuka Badge Samezuka Academy (former)
Swim Style Butterfly
Freestyle (crawl)
Events 4x100m medley relay
Personal Status
Relatives Kazuma Kato (older cousin)
Anime Episode 13
Light Novel Chapter 7
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
Aoi Yuki (child)
English Ian Sinclair
Ryan Reynolds (child)


Sosuke Yamazaki (山崎 宗介 Yamazaki Sōsuke) is one of the main supporting characters in the second season of anime Free!, Free! Eternal Summer. He was the butterfly and freestyle swimmer on Samezuka Academy's swim team. Sosuke is a close elementary school friend of Rin Matsuoka, and the person who understands him the most. He currently works at his family's restaurant with his cousin.


Sosuke Yamazaki full body in colour

Sosuke full apperance in Free! Eternal Summer

Sosuke is a tall, muscular young man with short, dark brown hair and droopy teal eyes. He is usually wearing a serious facial expression.

While swimming, he wears black jammers which either have white, grey and brown, or teal markings trailing along the length of his outer legs and thighs.


Sosuke seems more reserved and stoic, even intimidating, but is shown to actually be quite kind. He takes a dry and harsh position on swimming toward himself and those around him. Despite that, Sosuke has shown that he cares about his swim team, and has helped Nitori train. He's very overprotective of Rin, as he threatens Haruka not to get in Rin's way ever again, after what he did at the regionals.[1] Sosuke thinks of Gou as his sister.


Sosuke is a former friend of Rin's from Sano Elementary School. There, they were best friends and used to hang out a lot, evidenced by how Sosuke used to spend even holidays such as New Years at Rin's house, together with Rin and Gou. After a certain relay they swam together, Sosuke told Rin he would rather swim individually, as he hated losing because of someone else's mistake and having to share victory with others. This made Rin angry, however they quickly made up when Rin told Sosuke he would race him in the 800m freestyle. He was a part of the Sano Swimming Club with Rin. Sosuke crosses paths with Haruka and Makoto in middle school, during a race at Sano.

When Rin transferred schools and went to Iwatobi, Sosuke didn't say anything and just watched him go since he had always thought of him as a rival. He hands Haruka a letter written to him from Rin, who is currently in Australia. He later notes that the letter was clearly meant for Haruka, as there was evidence that Rin had rubbed out "you" and replaced it with "him".[2]

After he finished elementary school, he went to Sano Elementary School and there continued swimming hard. Even after Rin's letters stopped coming, Sosuke continued working hard in order to one day stand on the same stage as Rin. As he started attending high school, he intensified his training even further, and after a while, there was nobody who could beat him in swimming. However, soon enough he started sensing something was wrong with his shoulder. Despite that, he continued swimming and winning competitions up until his shoulder finally broke down completely the summer after 10th grade. When he heard from Gou that Rin came back from Australia, he worked hard to repair his shoulder before meeting him by going to physical therapy every day. As his teammates had already surprassed him, Sosuke decided to quit swimming, as he realized his dream would never come true. However, seeing Rin swim in the relay with Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa made Sosuke make a new dream of his - which is to swim with Rin again.[3]


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  • According to Rin, Sousuke's bad with directions. He's often seen getting lost at his own school and when travelling for races.


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