Shimogami University Swim Club
Swim Organization Information

Hidaka University Swim Club Members include:

The Shimogami University Swim Club is the school-based swim organization that successfully recruits Ikuya Kirishima and Hiyori Tono onto its team. Upon seeing Ikuya at a university-level tournament, Haruka tries to restore contact, but is rebuffed. Ikuya seems annoyed and Hiyori forbids them access. Even with the help of Makoto and Asahi, Hiyori is dismissive and even rude to the three former friends without good reason. Over time, each one resolves his misunderstanding with Ikuya and makes amends. It is also revealed that Hiyori has been left on his own to care for Ikuya's fragile health and training while Natsuya travelled the world earning free-lance competition money. Finally, after being rejected by Rin's coach (Mikhail Makarovich Nitori) in Australia and getting some sound advice from best friend Nao, Natsuya returns to Japan and releases Hiyori of his burdern and apologizes to both Ikuya and Hiyori. Ikuya is then free to resolve his own issues with Hiyori and re-connect with his former middle school teammates.

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