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Satoru Kasahara
Headshot - Satoru.png
Kanji 笠原 悟
Rōmaji Kasahara Satoru
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Education Iwatobi High School
Personal Status
Anime Buildup of Early Spring!
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazumasa Fukagawa
English Marcus Stimac

Satoru Kasahara (笠原 悟 Kasahara Satoru) is one of three Iwatobi High School students who come to Tokyo as representatives at the Annual High School Mascot Competition. The contest features mascots from different schools across the country participating in events, one of which is sumo-style wrestling in life-sized mascot costumes. Satoru is a member of the trio responsible for bringing the Iwatobi-chan costume to the event.


Kasahara is slightly taller than average height with a slender build. He has dark purple hair swept to one side and lavender eyes. In the OVA, he is seen wearing a brown polo shirt and blue trousers. Over this is worn a pink haori trimmed with yellow and an image of Iwatobi-chan on the back. At the tournament he wears an Iwatobi-chan cap. He is somewhat dour when the group runs into Makoto Tachibana, but is equally determined to have the Iwatobi High School alumnus participate in the contest. While watching Makoto successfully defeat his opponent, his demeanor changes to excited and happy.


In Tokyo, it's time for the annual High School Mascot Competition. Three students from Iwatobi High School are in town with the required life-sized Iwatobi-chan costume. They are excited, but distressed, because the beak is missing. When Makoto runs into them and they learn of his Iwatobi history, he is manipulated into wearing the costume and competing in the sumo-style wrestling contest between mascots. Meanwhile, Haruka Nanase happens to find the missing beak when he accidentally steps on it while taking a walk. Realizing what it is, he heads to the contest venue where he meets the students and Makoto. There, he convinces a reluctant Makoto to defend his alma mater's honor, then stays to cheer him on to victory.