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Samezuka Swimming Club
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Swim Organization Information

Samezuka Swimming Club Members include:

The Samezuka Swimming Club (鮫柄学園水泳部 Samezuka Gakuen Suiei-bu) is the powerhouse swimming club of the elite Samezuka Academy private school. When Rin Matsuoka returns to Japan after attending middle school in Australia, he enrols there in order to continue training for his lifelong dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer. While a student there, he reunites with his childhood friend, Sosuke Yamazaki, who is also a competitive swimmer. Rin eventually becomes captain of the swim team and following high school graduation, he returns to Australia at the behest of his Australian team coach.

Throughout the series, the Samezuka pool complex is noted to be so elegant and beautiful that upon seeing it, Haruka Nanase feels the urge to strip down to his jammers and dive in without a second thought despite the fact that the pool is on private property and he is not a student at Samezuka Academy, thus triggering in his Iwatobi friends both annoyance and humor.


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  • The club is also alternatively referred to as the "Samezuka Swimming Team" as seen on some pieces of merch & the black shirts worn by club members.