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Samezuka Academy
Samezuka Academy
Location Information
Kanji 鮫柄学園
Rōmaji Samezuka Gakuen
First Appearance Episode 1

Samezuka Academy (鮫柄学園 Samezuka Gakuen) is an all-boys high school known as a swimming powerhouse. 

School Members

The following list shows school members and their status in Free!-Dive to the Future-:

2nd year Students

3rd year Students


Swimming Team

The Samezuka Academy Swimming Team's captain is Rin Matsuoka, who succeeded Seijuro Mikoshiba after the latter graduated. Rin's childhood friend Sosuke Yamazaki joins the team. One of its notable members aside from Rin, Sosuke and Seijuro is Aiichiro Nitori, a second-year boy who shares a room with Momotaro. The Swimming Team holds joint practices with the Swim Club of Iwatobi High School from time to time.[1][2] After Rin's graduation from the academy, Aiichiro is appointed as the new captain.

The swimming team's policy are "principle of efficiency" and "the fast one wins


Maid Cafe

During the Cutural Festival, it is tradition for the Swimming Club to hold a maid cafe. It is mandatory for all members of the club to participate in it, and anyone who does not must quit the Swimming Club. Tradition dictates that first and second year students must crossdress as the maids while the third years are to dress up as butlers. [6]


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