Samezuka bonus booklet cover
Product Information
Publisher Kyoto Animation
Release Date October 15, 2014
Price ¥7,000 (vol.2 Blu-ray set)

¥6,000 (vol.2 DVD set)

Book Information
Pages 8

SAMEZUKA SWIMMING CLUB (鮫柄学園水泳部 Samezuka Gakuen Suiei-bu) is a bonus booklet of the Free!-Eternal Summer- anime.


The booklet is a tokuten (特典 lit. purchase benefit) that came packaged with the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the second volume of Free!-Eternal Summer-. The booklet was received as a benefit if the volume was purchased through the KyoAni Shop along with the all other volumes in the season.

The booklet contains character introductions for all the members of the Samezuka Swimming Club, including former captain Seijuro Mikoshiba. The booklet & profiles are written in the style of introductions to a new member joining the club. It is paralleled by the Kitare! Iwatobi Koukou Suiei-bu! Relay de Hagukumu、 Seishun no Kizuna booklet that was released with volume 1.



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