Sprouting Dive Start!
S3 ep 1 title card.png
Episode Information
Kanji 芽吹きのダイブスタート!
Rōmaji Mebuki no Daibu Sutaato!
Air Date July 11, 2018
Staff Information
Director Eisaku Kawanami
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Eisaku Kawanami
Animation Director Yūko Akami
Music Information
Opening Heading to Over
Episode 25 Episode 27

Sprouting Dive Start! (芽吹きのダイブスタート! Mebuki no Daibu Sutaato!) is the first episode of season three of the Free! anime and the twenty-sixth episode of the overall series. It aired on July 11, 2018.


Haruka Nanase begins training at his new university, Hidaka University in Tokyo. Here, he reunites with his Junior High teammate, Asahi Shiina. While in Tokyo, Haru catches up with Asahi, Makoto Tachibana, & Kisumi Shigino, where they all begin reminiscing about their past. Eventually, the group begin discussing their old teammate, Ikuya Kirishima.


List of characters in order of appearance:


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