The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!
Episode 25-290
Episode Information
Kanji はじまりのエターナルサマー!
Rōmaji Hajimari no Etaanaru Samaa!
Air Date September 24, 2014
Staff Information
Director Hiroko Utsumi
Ai Yukimura
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Director Chiyoko Ueno
Futoshi Nishiya
Music Information
Opening Dried Up Youthful Fame
Episode 24 Episode 26

The Eternal Summer of Beginnings! (はじまりのエターナルサマー! Hajimari no Etaanaru Samaa!) is the thirteenth and final episode of season two of the Free! anime, and the twenty-fifth episode of the overall series. It aired on September 24, 2014.


Upon returning from Australia, Haruka Nanase gives his thanks to Rin Matsuoka and rejoins his teammates, deciding that he will start focusing on times and winning for the sake of reaching his new dream, which is to swim in the wide open world. He apologizes to Makoto Tachibana, who explains that he is going to a Tokyo university in order to become a swimming teacher.

On the night before the national tournament, the group reminisce about the past two years together, with Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki becoming emotional about Haru and Makoto's impending graduation, though Haru assures them that they will always be connected.

Following a memorable experience at the nationals, in which Iwatobi manages to win their heat and placed 6th overall, it is graduation time. Rin passes on the position of Samezuka Academy's captain to Aiichiro Nitori, before telling Sosuke Yamazaki that he'll wait until he returns to the world of swimming.

Meanwhile, the team bury a time capsule containing the sights they saw at the nationals, before joining Rin in a petal-filled pool at Samezuka. Everyone soon goes their separate ways, with a flash forward to Haru and Rin facing off against each other in the professional circuit.


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