Ryuuji Azuma
Ryuuji my man.
Kanji 東 龍司
Rōmaji Azuma Ryūji
Also known as PKH Azuma
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Swim Coach

Professional Swimmer (formerly)

Affiliation Iwatobi Swimming Club (former)
Swim Style Freestyle (former)
Personal Status
Anime Episode 27
Voice Actors
Japanese Takeshi Kusao
English Brandon Potter

Ryuuji Azuma (東 龍司 Azuma Ryūji) is an ex-swimmer[1] who coached Haru for the Individual Medley. He is also Mikhail's rival.


Ryuuji has dark hair with bangs parted to the right of his face. He has narrow, dark grey eyes. He has light stubble on his chin.


From what the anime has revealed thus far, Ryuuji is an unusual individual who says whatever he wants. He is rebellious but smart. He expresses interest in coaching Haruka Nanase.


As a former swimmer at Iwatobi Swim Club, he was extremely powerful and had a promising career in the competitive scene. He was known as "Fully Built Ryuuji,"[1] however, he suddenly retired. After retirement, he began coaching overseas. He has returned to Japan, and now owns a food blog.


  • He doesn't like mackerel.
  • Azuma (東) means east in English.