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Ryuji Azuma
Ryuji 17413.jpg
Kanji 東 龍司
Rōmaji Azuma Ryuuji
Also known as PKH Azuma
Gender Male
Age 37
Height 190 cm
Professional Status

Swim Coach
Food Blogger
Professional Swimmer (former)

Education Iwatobi Badge.png Iwatobi High School (former)

Iwatobi High School Swim Club (former)
ITSC RETURNS Logo.png Iwatobi Swimming Club (former)

Swim Style Freestyle (former)
Personal Status
Relatives Shizuru Isurugi (relative)
Anime Episode 27
Voice Actors
Japanese Takeshi Kusao
English Brandon Potter

Ryuji Azuma (東 龍司 Azuma Ryuuji) is a supporting character in the anime series Free! beginning with Free!-Dive to the Future-. He is a former competitive swimmer who currently coaches Haruka Nanase. He was Mikhail Makarovich Nitori's rival when they were young adults and in competition as swimmers. They now maintain a friendly rivalry as professional swimming coaches.


Ryuji is tall and slim, with unruly dark hair and bangs that dip between his eyes. He has narrow, dark gray eyes and deliberate stubble on his chin. He is first seen wearing a black trenchcoat, worn unbuttoned. At other times he wears either a blue t-shirt or blue collared-shirt and a dark gray or black unbuttoned blazer.


He is a former competitive athlete with a keen eye for new talent. He prefers working with individuals for whom swimming is a life passion versus a competitive goal. When he learns about Haruka, he is immediately interested, but rather than openly approaching Haruka, he is cagey and makes his presence known in subtle ways, such as talking about his food blog. His skills as a coach are good and Haru respects him, having been able to learn from him the other three competitive swimming strokes in time to be able to swim with Ikuya Kirishima during the College Championships.

Makoto Tachibana remarks that he seems like a decent guy and is flattered when Ryuji tells him that he has the potential to become a professional trainer after seeing how well Makoto deals with Haruka's stubborn nature when being coached. Ryuji is a bit of an enigma - rebellious in his personal style and attitude, but disciplined and knowledgeable when it comes to the world of competitive swimming.


An alumnus of Iwatobi High School and the Iwatobi Swimming Club, he is remembered as being an extremely powerful swimmer with a promising career in the professional scene. He was known as "Fully Built Ryuji" and on a path to greatness when a yet-unspecified event caused him to lose his competitive edge and he suddenly retires.

After retirement, he begins coaching overseas. He later returns to Japan and writes a food blog while searching for a talent worthy of his coaching skills. He believes Haruka is someone who has yet to reveal his true potential as a swimmer and is wasting his energy on personal relationships.



  • He doesn't like mackerel.
  • Azuma (東) means east in English.
  • He enjoys eating fish-flavored chips.
  • His nickname, PKH Azuma, stands for "Perfect Kinniku Handsome" which literally translates to "Perfect Handsome Muscles." However, so that the abbreviation in the nickname translates well it is given as "Perfect Killer muscle, Handsome" in the official English sub and dub.


There is conflicting evidence as to whether Ryuji is Shizuru Isurugi's Grandfather or his Uncle. As such, this wiki will list them as being "relatives" until the exact nature of their relationship is properly defined.