Rin says you only swim free. only swim free?
— Russell to Haruka Nanase
Kanji ラッセル
Rōmaji Rasseru
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Swimming coach
Personal Status
Relatives Lori (Wife)
Anime Episode 24
Voice Actors
Japanese Andrew Bongiorno
English Christopher Bevins

Russell (ラッセル Rasseru) is a minor character in the second season of Free!. Along with his wife Lori, he was a home-stay parent of Rin while he was training in Sydney, Australia.


Russell appears to be a solidly build, middle aged man. He has short, light brown hair that is slightly receding and parted on the left, as well as green eyes. He is seen wearing a green top underneath a light brown button up shirt, as well as blue jeans.


Both Russell and Lori are very kind and hospitable people. Russell is quite perceptive, as he noticed Rin was becoming depressed during his initial stay. He is also a bit playful, teasing Rin about whether or not he has a girlfriend back in Japan and laughing about the fact Rin appears to be a "late bloomer".

He is shown to be very considerate of Haru, making effort to include him in conversation whilst accomodating his limited English.


He and his wife Lori appear to have a typically happy marriage.

He and Rin have a close to familial relationship. Russell also takes on a mentoring role for Rin in relation to his swimming.


Russell was one of Rin's host parents during the years he spent in Sydney, Australia attending a special swimming club. He was the person who met Rin when he arrived at the airport.

He worked at the swimming club Rin was attending as a coaching figure. He and his wife Lori made sure Rin felt welcome in the foreign country by providing a warm and fun family atmosphere for the young boy. He was the first to make the realization that Rin wasn't completely happy and was becoming somewhat depressed due to to his swimming performance hitting a wall.

He was extremely happy when Rin returned out of the blue with Haru in tow. He was thrilled to have a chat with Haru and recount old times with Rin before later dropping the boys off at their hotel with the invitation to come back and visit at any time.



  • Owns a black dog named Winnie
  • In the Japanese dub, all Russell's lines are in English and performed by a real Australian voice actor. Despite this, the English dub has him voiced by an American actor.



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