Rei's Entry Training!
FrFr Short Movie 4
Episode Information
Kanji 怜の飛び込み猛特訓!
Rōmaji Rei no Tobikomi Mou Tokkun!
Staff Information
Director Hiroko Utsumi
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Director Futoshi Nishiya
Music Information
Rin and Nitori, a Week With Us! Rei, Theory, and Speedo!

Rei's Entry Training! (怜の飛び込み猛特訓!Rei no Tobikomi Mou Tokkun!) is the fourth original unaired short movie that came with Free! vol.3, which was released on November 6, 2013.


The short begins with Rei Ryugazaki, dressed in the penguin Speedo Nagisa Hazuki lent him, getting ready to jump from his diving block at the edge of the pool on the Iwatobi High School campus. Just as he dives, however, he suddenly wakes up during class and ends up rattling his desk which surprises and silences the entire classroom. Surprisingly, Rei had been daydreaming all along. Just behind him, Nagisa bursts out laughing to which Rei frantically yells at him to stop.


List of characters in order of appearance:


  • Prior to Free!'s English DVD release by Funimation the episode was called 'Rei's Intense Diving Training!' in English


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