Basic Info

Ran Tachibana
Ran Tachibana.png
Kanji 橘 蘭
Rōmaji Tachibana Ran
Gender Female
Age 4-5 (High☆Speed!)

9-10 (Free!)

Professional Status
Clubs ITSC RETURNS Logo.png Iwatobi SC RETURNS
Personal Status
Relatives Father

Makoto Tachibana (brother)
Ren Tachibana (twin brother)

Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Miyuki Kobori
English Sarah Wiedenheft

Ran Tachibana (橘 蘭 Tachibana Ran) is the younger sister of Makoto Tachibana, and the twin sister of Ren Tachibana.


Ran is a small girl with dark olive-green hair, tied in two small pigtails, with a bit of her hair let out. She also has bright teal eyes.


Based on what has been seen, she seems to have characteristics befitting her age. She often argues with her brother Ren. She also refers to herself in third-person, which is common for young girls in Japan.



Ran and Makoto have a good relationship with one another as Makoto looks out for her like a big brother should do. She respects and listens to what he has to say, especially when it comes to fighting with Ren.


  • "You never finish your food!"
  • "(Giggles) Piggy back ride! (more giggles) (...) And I thought we might be on time for something."
  • "Will we be racing against you guys? (...) I can do freestyle with a kick board!"



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