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Coach Ralph.png
Kanji ラルフ
Rōmaji Rarufu
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Professional coach (unconfirmed)
Personal Status
Anime Episode 34
Voice Actors
Japanese Peter von Gomm
English Justin Briner

Ralph (ラルフ Rarufu) is a minor character in the anime series Free! beginning with Free!-Dive to the Future-. He appears to be Albert Volandel's coach based on his behavior and attitude when interacting with the Swedish swimmer, whom he calls "Al."


Ralph is a tall man with a toned build. He has thick brown hair that is swept to one side, partially covering his right eye. He is seen wearing a pale blue polo shirt, green trousers and red sneakers.


He appears to be Albert's coach as evidenced by the fact that he is on deck with the swimmer during a heat, a courtesy allowed only to coaches and trainers. Ralph is responsible not only for overseeing Albert's training and competition schedule, but for his safety, which includes knowing his whereabouts at all times. He is a strict, but highly effective, coach.

Ralph also seems to be a somewhat severe individual who takes his job, that of working with Albert and keeping him safe, seriously. Albert's penchant for sneaking off to be "on his own" is risky for a world record-holder, especially for someone who may become an Olympic champion; and this habit frustrates the coach. Once he finds Albert, Ralph chides the swimmer for eluding supervision again, ignoring Haruka Nanase's presence altogether.

The next time Ralph is seen is at the "friendly competition" at the training center in front of all the attendees. Haruka has already witnessed Albert's powerful swimming earlier that day during an impromptu race in the training center's pool, but he only learns who Albert Volandel truly is during his formal introduction, complete with multiple titles. Ralph stands behind his protégé as he is introduced as the current world record holder in both the 100m and 200m freestyle. His expression is one of challenge as sizes up the would-be competitors looking to take on the world champion. It is in striking contrast to Albert's usual demeanor and visage, which is relaxed anticipation for the upcoming event.

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