Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre(s) Rock, J-pop
Debut July 17, 2013
Years active 2009–present
Labels GloryHeaven (2009—2012)

Lantis (2012—present)

Website www.oldcodex.com
Current Members Ta_2 (Vocalist)

YORKE (Painter)
Ryo Yamagata
Taizo Nakamura
Shinji Omura

Past Members R.O.N (Guitarist)

YoHsKE (Guitarist)
Sae (Drummer)
Yoshihiro Nakao
Hiromitsu Kawashima
Masanori Mine

OLDCODEX (オルドコデックス ORUDOKODEKKUSU) is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The band has released a total of six studio albums, three extended plays and eighteen singles. They have performed the opening themes for the Free! series since the first season and the ending theme of the movie, High☆Speed!-Free! Starting Days-.

The rock band also produces and performs songs for other well-known anime series such as THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS., God Eater and SERVAMP.


  • Ta_2 (AKA Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the CV. of Makoto Tachibana)
  • Ryo Yamagata
  • Taizo Nakamura
  • Shinji Omura


The name of the band was created by combining the words “OLD” and “CODEX”, the former meaning "of old age or the past" and the latter meaning “manuscripts, such as the Bible.”


Rage on Regular Edition.png
Released on July 17, 2013
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Rage on YORKE. Ta_2 Ryosuke "Rio" Shimohata
2. Now I am YORKE. eba eba
3. Swamp YORKE. Hisashi Koyama Hisashi Koyama
Dried Up Youthful Fame Regular Edition.jpg
Released on July 30, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Dried Up Youthful Fame YORKE. Ta_2 eba
2. Abendsonne YORKE. YORKE. Gz
3. Steal Mine YORKE. Hajime Kato Hajime Kato
4. Massive Act YORKE. Ta_2 Gz
Aching horns cover white.jpg
Released on December 16, 2015
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Aching Horns YORKE. Ta_2 Hisashi Koyama
2. Reminder YORKE. eba eba
3. Get Up To Go YORKE. Ta_2 eba
Heading to over normal.jpg
Released on July 25, 2018
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Heading to Over YORKE Ta_2 eba
2. Clean Out YORKE. Takeshi Okamoto Takeshi Okamoto
3. Bang YORKE. Hisashi Koyama Hisashi Koyama
4. another point YORKE. Hajime Kato Hisashi Koyama


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