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Naribusawa University
Location Information
Kanji 鳴武沢大学
Rōmaji Naribusawa Daigaku
First Appearance Free!-Dive to the Future-

Naribusawa University (鳴武沢大学 Naribusawa Daigaku) is the university attended by Kaede Kinjo when he is first introduced in the series.


1st-year Students

Unknown Year Students


Kaede is a member of the university swim club and has, thus far, broken multiple records in freestyle, including the national record.

As of the end of Free!–the Final Stroke– the second volume, Nagisa Hazuki, along with four of the graduating members of Samezuka Swimming Club, are attending Naribusawa and have joined the university's swim club. Kaede subsequently appears to have become somewhat of a mentor to Nagisa, admiring the younger swimmers attitude.*[1]

*Translation Note: This information is roughly translated from a piece of media still in cinemas, as such, all related facts may be subject to change/corrections in the future when official translations are released.