Mrs Tachibana
Makoto Mother
Gender Female
Age 40
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Husband

Makoto Tachibana (son)
Ren Tachibana (son)
Ran Tachibana (daughter)

Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Misa Kato
English Colleen Clinkenbeard

Mrs. Tachibana is one of the minor characters of the anime series Free! She is the mother of Makoto, Ren and Ran and is married to their father, Mr. Tachibana.


Mrs. Tachibana seems to be much smaller than her husband [1] with long, olive green hair and droopy dark eyes. [2] She follows a more traditional role as a Japanese woman, devoting all of her time to her family.[2]


Mrs. T

Mrs. Tachibana seems to be a calm, level-headed, loving woman. She's happy that her son gets to swim with his friends once they resume the sport and he appears to be excited about that. [2] She, along with the rest of the Tachibana family are seen attending one of Makoto's tournaments in support of his sport and provide for his tuition and expenses once he moves to Tokyo in order to attend university.



It seems that Mr Tachibana and Mrs Tachibana are very compatible. They seem happily married and in love with one another from what is seen of their interactions.  Makoto and his mom have a loving relationship and he is sensitive to her needs, as seen when he sacrifices  having a much-desired dog because his mom has allergies. He also often babysits his younger siblings at her request without complaint. Ren and Ran seem to be quite dependent and close to her, clinging to her when she is around them. Mrs. Tachibana even takes a motherly attitude towards Haruka, who preparing him nutritious meals when his parents are busy with work or whenever he is left on his own for any length of time. She trusts his judgment to the point of allowing him to assist with babysitting the twins.




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