Mr and Mrs Nanase
Mr and mrs nanase
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Haruka Nanase (son)

Haruka's Grandmother (mother/mother-in-law; deceased)

Anime Episode 25
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayuno Yasukawa (Mrs Nanase)
English Gloria Benavides (Mrs Nanase)

Mr. and Mrs. Nanase are two minor characters in the anime series Free!. They are married to one another and are the parents of Haruka Nanase.


Mrs. Nanase is of average height and build for a Japanese woman with long, nearly black hair. In the film High☆Speed!-Free! Starting Days-, she is seen wearing khaki slacks, a long-sleeved grayish blue sweater and a bib-style apron. In episode 13 of Free!-Eternal Summer-, she is seen attending an important tournament wearing a short-sleeved purple dress and carrying a handbag.

Mr. Nanase's only appearance is at the above-mentioned tournament. He appears to be of average height and build with short black hair. He wears gray slacks, a light green t-shirt and a teal camp shirt.


Despite Makoto Tachibana calling Haruka's parents "free spirits," Mrs. Nanase seems to be a relatively conventional, pleasant and loving woman who is interested in her son's well-being. She's aware of her son's talent from his earliest days, but it is unknown how assertive she is regarding his swimming since Haruka's attitude about competition is ambivalent and he never speaks about his parents.

Mrs. Nanase accepts his quiet nature, but encourages him to be independent, as seen when she must leave him alone for a week, while he is only in Grade 7, in order to take care of her husband who has been injured at his then-assignment in Hokkaido. She simply asks Haruka if he will be alright and accepts his decision without undue worry. Being long-time friends with the Tachibana family, she tells him she will ask the Tachibana family to watch out for him during her absence.


Their presence in the franchise is minimal, appearing in only a few scenes to establish Haruka within his family of origin. What appears is appropriate and loving, especially when Haruka is a young boy. The Nanase family seems to enjoy spending time with the Tachibana family when their boys are young and as the friendship between Makoto and Haruka grows, the boys are frequently in one another's home. The Tachibana have such faith in Haruka's upbringing that they allow him to babysit their younger children along with Makoto and for Makoto to spend time at Haruka's house unsupervised following the death of Haruka's grandmother and his parents departure due to work transfers.

Mr. and Mrs. Nanase recognize Haruka's prodigious talent early in his life and support it throughout his elementary school years. There is no evidence of their reaction to his choice to leave competitive swimming in junior high school nor his return to it in high school. Haruka's ambivalence towards competition reflects his laissez-faire approach to life, an attitude likely modelled by one or both parents and supported by Makoto's description of them as "free spirits." They are seen attending an important tournament while Haruka is in high school and while it is unknown how Haruka's university and private coaching costs are covered, it may be assumed that his parents are responsible for monitoring the funds as this is expected from a cultural perspective.





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