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Basic Info

Mr Tachibana
Makoto Father.jpg
Gender Male
Age 42
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Wife

Makoto Tachibana (son)
Ren Tachibana (son)
Ran Tachibana (daughter)

Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Hironori Kondoh
English Jerry Jewell (Free!)

Seth Magill (High☆Speed!)

Mr. Tachibana is a minor character in the anime series Free! beginning with Free! He is the father of Makoto Tachibana, Ren Tachibana and Ran Tachibana and is married to their mother, Mrs Tachibana.


Mr. Tachibana is a tall middle-aged man of average stature with brown eyes and short, brown hair. He wears frameless eyeglasses and is seen in different outfits throughout his appearances in the series.[1]


He seems to be a calm, level-headed and loving man who always listens to what people have to say. He is well informed, knowing that the swimming club Makoto used to go is finally being torn down.[1] He is supportive of his son's sport and, along with the rest of the Tachibana family, is seen attending one of Makoto's tournaments. He is depicted briefly in Free!-Timeless Medley- the Bond when Makoto is a toddler. After Makoto goes to Tokyo in order to attend university, he provides for tuition and expenses.



Mrs Tachibana - It seems that Mr and Mrs Tachibana aren't the kind of couple who argue often, if at all. They seem happily married and love one another from what is seen of their dynamic.

Makoto Tachibana - Makoto and his dad have a great relationship as they are frequently seen talking together and relating well.

Ren Tachibana & Ran Tachibana - Ren and Ran also have a good relationship with their father.



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