Misaki Kuramoto
Misaki Kuramoto
Kanji 倉本 岬
Rōmaji Kuramoto Misaki
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Anime Free!-Take Your Marks-
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Terasaki
English Morgan Berry
You should just swim something other than free.

Misaki Kuramoto (倉本 岬 Kuramoto Misaki) is a boy who Haruka and Makoto encounters while they're looking for an apartment for Haruka in Tokyo as seen in Free!-Take Your Marks-. He appears again in Free!-Dive to the Future- and he is motivated by his desire to beat his rival in swimming despite his coach unexpectedly quitting.


Misaki has short brown hair and red-amber eyes. When swimming, he wears swim shorts that reach up to mid-thigh and a red standard issued swim cap. At his debut, he was seen wearing a blue vest over a long sleeve yellow shirt and green pants.


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