• (To Nagisa, about Haruka) "His swimming always looks so smooth."[1]
  • (To Haruka) "Nobody can beat you when you're in water, Haru-chan."[1]
  • (To Miho Amakata) "Ma'am! Haruka's a guy!"[1]
  • (To Nagisa, about Haruka) "Well, he stopped swimming competitively, but he still loves water. Haru can't live without being in water. During the summer, he swims in the ocean, and he was soaking in the tub this morning."[1]
  • (To Nagisa) "Don't scare me!"
  • (To Haruka) "Here I was thinking you'd finally get to swim if you came. Samezuka is supposed to have an indoor pool."[1]
  • (To Haruka) "Don't take your clothes off here!"[1]
  • (To Nagisa) "You just offended every vice-captain on this planet."[2]
  • (To Haruka) "(...) I chose to start the swim club. But that was because I wanted to swim with you again. I wanted to swim in a relay with everyone again. But... If you're not there... It's meaningless without you! I want to swim with you!"[3]
  • (To Haruka) "I love swimming and Haru-chan, so I want to swim with you!" ("僕は水泳もハルちゃんも大好きだから一緒に泳ぎたい!" "Boku wa suiei mo haru chan mo daisuki da kara issho ni oyogi tai!")[4]
  • "I've got backstroke for days and traps just as long!"


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