Haru's just as you described him Rin! A cool attitude and eyes clear as water.
— Lori to Rin, about Haruka
Kanji ローリー
Rōmaji Rōrii
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Russell (Husband)
Anime Episode 24
Voice Actors
Japanese Tellina Lee
English Rachel Robinson

Lori (ローリー Rōrii) is a minor character in the second season of Free! Along with her husband Russell she was the home-stay parent of Rin while he was living and training in Sydney, Australia as an elementary and junior high school student.


Lori is a middle aged woman with sandy blonde hair and olive green eyes. The front of her hair is parted with face framing bangs, and the rest arranged in a pony tail. She is seen wearing a black singlet top, a long red cardigan, three-quarter jeans and a simple necklace.


Lori is kind and hospitable, with a natural instinct for being a gracious host, doing her best to help Rin feel comfortable amidst strange surroundings as a youngster. When Haru visits, she goes out of her way to make him feel welcome and included, as well, as seen when she prepares Haru's favorite food. She can also be a little cheeky, as she winks at Haru during conversation of how much Rin spoke about him during his time with them.


She and her husband Russell appear to have a happy marriage.

She has motherly instincts towards Rin, treating him like her own family.


Lori was one of Rin's host parents during the years he spent in Australia attending a school with an exceptional swimming club. She was quick to welcome him into her home, and made it her mission to ensure Rin felt welcome in the foreign country by providing a warm and fun family atmosphere for the young boy. The realization that Rin wasn't completely happy and was becoming somewhat depressed due to to his performance was of great concern, and only served to bolster her efforts to make Rin's stay a happy one.

She was extremely surprised but overjoyed when Rin returned out of the blue with Haru in tow. She delighted in having him back in her home, celebrating the boys' visit with a delicious dinner spread and recounting old times before later dropping them off at their hotel with the invitation to come back and visit at any time.



  • Owns a black dog named Winnie
  • In the Japanese dub, all Lori's lines are in English and performed by a real Australian voice actor. Despite this, the English dub has her voiced by an American actor.



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