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Kentaro Kumagai​
Kentaro Kumagai.jpg

Kanji 熊谷 健太郎
Romaji Kumagai Kentarou
Gender Male
Birthday February 16, 1994
Age 27
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actor, Radio Host
Affiliation Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society
Role(s) Aoba Usami

Kentaro Kumagai (熊谷 健太郎 Kumagai Kentarou), is a Japanese radio host and voice actor from Okinawa, Japan. He is affiliated with the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society and voices Aoba Usami in the Free! series beginning with Free!-Take Your Marks-.

Notable Roles

Outside of the Free! series, Kentaro has voiced popular characters in a variety of anime, drama CDs and games. Many of these roles have meant working alongside his fellow Free! voice actors, most notably performing character and idol unit songs.

Across the various series this includes, but is not limited to: