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Katsumi Shigino
Katsumi profile.jpg
Kanji 鴫野 克美
Rōmaji Shigino Katsumi
Professional Status
Occupation Real Estate Agent
Personal Status
Relatives Kisumi Shigino (nephew)

Hayato Shigino (nephew)

Anime Free!-Take Your Marks-
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuma Suzuki
English Chuck Huber

Katsumi Shigino (鴫野 克美 Shigino Katsumi) is a minor character in Free!-Take Your Marks-. He is Kisumi Shigino and Hayato Shigino's uncle, and runs a small real estate business.


He has brown hair swept to the side of his face. He has brown eyes, and black, round glasses. He has light facial hair.

In all of his appearances, he is portrayed with a white, long-sleeved dress shirt underneath a burgundy vest. He also wears a lanyard.


He is described as an interesting person by Makoto Tachibana.[1]


  • Whenever Katsumi came to visit Kisumi, he would say "Kiss me! Catch me!" as a pun on both of their names.[1]
  • He and Kisumi have a special handshake.[1]


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