Orchestra concert pamphlet cover.jpg
Product Information
Production Kyoto Animation
Animation Do
Release Date November 2019

Following the arson attack on Kyoto Animation's Building 1, the fourth bi-annual fan appreciation event was curtailed. The event's full title was to be, "KYOANI AND DO FAN DAYS 2019 This Is What We Are Now!!-It's A Festival After 2 Years! - Enjoy! The World of Kyoani And Do" and was to feature a large venue exhibition, as in past years, plus a concert. In place of the exhibition, the studio held a memorial service that fans could attend in order to express their condolences. The associated concert was held as planned.

The event titled, The 4th Kyoani & Animation Do Fan Appreciation Event! ~ Sound from Kyoto to the World ~ Joint Concert, was held on November 9th and 10th at the ROHM Theater in Tokyo, Japan. The Free! portion of the concert was held on November 10, 2019, performing both a Daytime (13:30-15:30) and Night Club (17:00-19:00) concert, without a recording or video being made available. Attendees did receive a commemorative pamphlet which contained artwork derived from three of the studio's current franchises: Violet Evergarden, Sound! Euphonium and Free!, as well as text providing information about the unique piece of music that united the three stories called, "Three pieces music meeting." Also included in the pamphlet are interviews with Hayato Matsuda ("Sound! Euphonium" music), Evan Call ("Violet Evergarden" music), Tatsuya Kato ("Free!" Music), and Yota Tsuruoka (acoustic director). There are also handwritten messages from Nobunaga Shimazaki and Tatsuya Kato with Kato providing music commentary.


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