Jeff Manning
Jeff Manning.png
Kanji マニング ジェフ
Romaji Maningu Jefu
Gender Male
Birthday April 23, 1956
Age 64
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actor, Actor
Affiliation Triple Sun Talent
Role(s) Albert Volandel and Will

Jeff Manning (マニング ジェフ Maningu Jefu) is an American native from Utah State, USA, who is based in Japan as a voice actor. He is currently affiliated with Triple Sun Talent. Since his entry into voice acting, his voice has been used in multiple roles for both anime and non-anime projects. He voices Albert Volandel in Free!-Dive to the Future- and Free!-Road to the World- the Dream; and Will in Free!-Dive to the Future-, the third season of the Free! series.


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