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Iwatobi Swimming Club
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Iwatobi Swimming Club, also known as ITSC or Iwatobi SC, was the club where Haruka, Makoto, Rin and Nagisa used to practice during elementary school. The club was closed some years ago, was demolished and was about to turn into a health resort. However, the company handling the construction went bankrupt, so Goro Sasabe, one of the former coaches, bought the club once again with the money he got selling his late grandfather's squid fishing boat and rebuilt it himself. Ever since the renewal of club, it stands under the name of "Iwatobi SC RETURNS".[1]

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  • The grand opening of ITSC RETURNS: Splash Fest

For the grand opening of ITSC RETURNS, Goro decided to host Splash Fest - an event held at the renewed building of Iwatobi Swimming Club. For the event he decided to hold a lot of "fun stuff", including a kickboard race that kids who can't swim can take a part in, a "how far can you swim without taking a breath" water race and the Armored Sidestroke. The main event of Splash Fest was a medley relay between Team Shark (consisted out of Rin Matsuoka, Aiichiro Nitori, Sosuke Yamazaki and Momotaro Mikoshiba) and Team Dolphin (consisted out of Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki), which ended with Team Dolphin briefly getting to the goal before the Team Shark. Among other events which took place during the Splash Fest were the Muscle Contest which Makoto won even with Gou, one of the judges, giving the most votes to Rin. One of the events that Goro had originally planned but hadn't succeeded to make come true was to get Miho sing in a swimsuit.[2]


  • Rin's dad was in the first generation of Iwatobi SC and won the medley relay championship when he was in sixth grade.


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