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Episode 14 58
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First Appearance Episode 1

The ITSC or Iwatobi Swimming Club Returns was originally known as the Iwatobi Swimming Club (ITSC or Iwatobi SC) and is known as the natatorium where Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Rin Matsuoka and Nagisa Hazuki practice swimming during elementary school. The original club closes several years before the anime begins and is about to be demolished when the company handling the construction for the planned health resort goes bankrupt. That's when Goro Sasabe, the boys' former coach, buys the club with funds he receives from selling his late grandfather's squid fishing boat. He restores the property into a modern facility for community use, renaming it "Iwatobi SC RETURNS".[1]


Splash Fest is the name given by Goro to the grand opening of ITSC RETURNS - an event held at the restored Iwatobi Swimming Club community complex now under his ownership and management. He announces to the Iwatobi boys that he wants to host lots of "fun stuff," including a kickboard race in which kids who can't swim can take part, a "how far can you swim without taking a breath?" water race and the Armored Sidestroke, a contest in which swimmers wear replica armor from history. The main event of Splash Fest, however, is a medley relay between Team Shark (consisting out of Rin Matsuoka, Aiichiro Nitori, Sosuke Yamazaki and Momotaro Mikoshiba) and Team Dolphin (consisting of Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei. Team Dolphin wins, briefly reaching the goal before Team Shark. Other events which take place during Splash Fest are the Muscle Contest won by Makoto despite Gou Matsuoka being a judge and giving the most votes to Rin. One of the events that Goro plans but which doesn't occur is having Miho Amakata sing in a swimsuit.[2]


  • Toraichi Matsuoka, Rin's father, was the first generation of Iwatobi SC and won the medley relay championship when he was in the sixth grade.


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