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Basic Info

Isuzu Mikoshiba
Isuzu dttf profile.PNG
Kanji 御子柴 五十鈴
Rōmaji Mikoshiba Isuzu
Also known as Nee-chan (by Momotaro)

Suzu (by Nagisa)

Gender Female
Professional Status

3rd Year High School Student

Education Hidaka University High School (aka. Taka U High School)

Hidaka University High School Swim Team (aka. Taka U High School Swim Team)

Position Captain

(Hidaka University High School Swim Team)

Personal Status
Relatives Seijuro Mikoshiba (older brother)

Momotaro Mikoshiba (younger brother)

Anime Episode 34
Voice Actors
Japanese Rina Satoh
English Mikaela Krantz

Isuzu Mikoshiba (御子柴 五十鈴 Mikoshiba Isuzu) is a minor character in the Free! series. She is Seijuro Mikoshiba's younger sister, and Momotaro Mikoshiba's older sister. She is the captain of Hidaka University High School's Swim Team, also known as the Taka U High School Swim Team.


Isuzu is of average height but well-toned. She has russet-colored hair and amber-colored eyes.


Isuzu is a vivacious young woman who enjoys swimming and playing video games. She is highly competitive and so confident about her abilities as an athlete that as soon as she is introduced to Haruka Nanase, she challenges him to a race, the idea of which her older brother immediately dismisses. She, like Gou Matsuoka, is obsessed with muscles and when the two first meet, they immediately bond over this fact