Hidaka University Swim Club
Swim Organization Information

Hidaka University Swim Club Members include:

The Hidaka University Swim Club is the school-based swim organization that successfully recruits both Haruka Nanase and Asahi Shiina onto its team. Upon re-meeting on campus and learning that they are both still swimming competitively, the two former junior high school teammates re-ignite their friendship. They also learn that Seijuro Mikoshiba is the team captain for the Hidaka University Swim Club, reprising the role he played while he was a student at Samezuka Academy.

The university's team is affiliated with Hidaka High School's swim team which leads Haruka to meet Isuzu Mikoshiba, who immediately introduces herself when her team visits a university team practice. She challenges a surprised Haruka to an on-the-spot competition which is promptly dismissed by her elder brother, Seijuro.

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