Hayato Shigino
Kanji 鴫野颯斗
Rōmaji Shigino Hayato
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Elementary School Student
Affiliation Iwatobi Swimming Club
Function Member
Swim Style Backstroke
Personal Status
Relatives Kisumi Shigino (older brother)

Katsumi Shigino (uncle)

Anime Episode 20
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura
English Alexis Tipton

Hayato Shigino (鴫野颯斗 Shigino Hayato) is one of the supporting characters of Free!-Eternal Summer-, the second season of the anime series Free!.


Hayato is a tiny boy with dark salmon coloured, unkept hair and violet eyes.


Hayato is generally a very shy boy. Even when not in the water, he is very quiet, and will not speak unless spoken to first. In front of his older brother, this changes. He is very upbeat, and affectionate. The minute his older brother came to pick him up, he greeted him with a hug, bursting with energy.


At one point in the past, he and Kisumi were on a boat in the ocean. While Kisumi wasn't looking, Hayato fell overboard. The boy almost drowned at that time, which lead to a fear of water.



  • Hayato seems to depend and look up to his brother, Kisumi Shigino, who picks him up from his swimming lessons. They have a close relationship.
  • He forms a bond with Makoto, who was his swimming instructor for a short period of time. Makoto pays special interest in Hayato because his fear of water reminds him of himself. Makoto teaches him to swim backstroke and Hayato seems deeply upset when Makoto has to leave.




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