• "The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But, there's nothing to fear. Don't resist the water. Thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening. Then you slide your body through that opening. Moving your arms, your head, your chest..." (”水は生きている。ひとたび飛びこめば、たちまち牙をむき襲いかかってくる。だけど恐れることはない。水に抗わず、水面に指先を突き立て切れ目を作り出す。その切れ目に身体を滑り込ませていく。腕を、頭を、胸を――” ”Mizu wa ikite iru. Hitotabi tobikomeba, tachimachi kiba wo muki osoikakatte kuru. Dakedo osoreru koto wa nai. Mizu ni aragawazu, minamo ni yubisaki wo tsukitate kireme wo tsukuridasu. Sono kireme ni karada wo suberi komaseteiku. Ude wo, atama wo, mune wo――”)[1]
  • (To Rin) "I don't care about my time." [1]
  • (To Rin)"I only swim freestyle."(”俺はフリーしか泳がないから。” ”Ore wa furī shika oyoganaikara.”)[1]
  • "All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul... To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don't resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another."(”水を感じる事、肌で目で心で、そして感じたものを疑わないこと。自分を信じること。水に抗うのではなく受け容れる。互いの存在を認め合う…!” ”Mizu wo kanjiru koto, hada de me de kokoro de, soshite kanjita mono wo utagawanai koto. Jibun wo shinjiru koto. Mizu ni aragau no de wa naku ukeireru. Tagai no sonzai wo mitome au…!”)[1]
  • "There's an old saying my late grandma taught me. When you're ten, they call you a prodigy. When you're fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you're just an ordinary person. About three years until I'm ordinary. Man... I can't wait to be ordinary."(”死んだばあちゃんから聞いた古いことわざ:十で神童、十五で天才、二十歳過ぎればただの人。ただの人まで後三年ちょっと。はぁ...早くただの人になりたい。” ”Shinda bāchan kara kīta furui kotowaza: To de shindō, jūgo de tensai, hatachi yogireba tadanohito. Tada no hito made ato san'nen chotto. Ha~a... Hayaku tada no hito ni naritai.”)[1]
  • (To Makoto) "I don't want to get oil on my swimsuit."(”水着に油がと嫌だ。” ”Mizugi ni abura ga to iyada.”)[1]
  • "I'm used to being mistaken for a girl."(”女と間違えるもなれた。” ”On'na to machigaeru mo nareta.”)[1]
  • (About Miho) "We're supposed to be learning from a woman who became a teacher as plan B? I want to go home."(”夢破れてしょうがなく教師になった奴が生徒を教えるってどうなんだよ… 帰りたい。” ”Yume yaburete shōganaku kyōshi ni natta yatsu ga seito wo oshierutte dōnanda yo… Kaeritai.”)[1]
  • (To Nagisa) "I quit swimming competitively."(”競泳はもう辞めた。” ”Kyōei wa mō yameta.”)[1]
  • (To Rin) "I want you to show me that sight again. I've forgotten what it was that I saw."(”あの時の景色、もう一度見せて。何が見えたか忘れちまったから。” ”Ano toki no keshiki, mō ichido misete. Nani ga mieta ka wasure chimattakara.”)[1]
  • "Another three years until I become an ordinary person. I guess it couldn't hurt to wait a little longer..."(”ただの人まであと三年ちょっと。もう少し、今のままでいるのも悪くない、か…” ”Tada no hito made ato san'nen chotto. Mō sukoshi, ima no mama de iru no mo warukunai, ka…”)[1]
  • "I've seen this before. This sensation... I get it now. This is what I wanted. No need to rely on or work with other people. I just want to drift through the water alone in silence."[2]
  • "My late grandma used to say that you sneeze when someone else is talking about you."[3]
  • (To Makoto, about swimming in the pool in April)"I'm not a baby that gets sick from swimmi-"[3]
  • (Telling his love story) "When I was in grade school, my parents took me to climb a mountain nearby. That was where I had my fateful encounter. I couldn't look away. That intensely beautiful, positively vibrant, sparkling and pristine... waterfall."[4]
  • (Flashback when he rejected Rin's offer to enter a relay) "I said that I only swim free, so don't include me in your relay!"[5]
  • (To Rei, when explaining about their past with Rin) "We won the medley relay, and Rin went to Australia. He said that he would show me a sight I'd never seen before, and after we won the relay, I felt like I really did see it."[5]
  • "I don't understand either. But... For some reason, I'm looking forward to racing Rin again."[5]
  • (To Nagisa, before visiting Rei) "Are you sure it was something he ate? Or was it what I said yesterday that's bothering him?"[6]
  • (To Rei) "Rei, did you really go see Rin? Was it because I told you about our past?"[6]
  • (To Rei) "The four of us are a team now, Rei."[6]
  • (To Rei, during practice) "Rei, come on. Let's practice our exchange."[6]
  • (Referring to his drawing of Iwatobi-chan on the banner) "That drawing... I didn't think it'd be used for this."[6]
  • (To Makoto) "Makoto. I appreciate you being here for me. Thanks."[6]
  • (To Nagisa, the night before the tournament) "It's all thanks to you. You're the one who came up with the idea of starting a swim club. I never thought I'd be swimming in a relay again. Thanks, Nagisa."[6]
  • (Upon hearing that Rin's quitting swimming) "I won't get to swim with Rin again?"[7]
  • (To Rei, when asked who he wanted to swim with) "I want to swim with Rin!"[7]
  • (To Rin) "I know! How fun it is to swim with friends...How good it feels to swim in a relay together... You were the one who taught me that, Rin! You're the reason I..."[7]
  • (To Rin, when trying to calm Rin down) "I understand now! I found the answer! Why is it I swim, who I'm swimming for!"[7]
  • (To Rin) "This tree looks like the cherry blossom tree that was in the school yard. Isn't that why you're here?"[7]
  • (To Rin, asking him to join the relay) "Rin, come. It's my turn to show you a sight you've never seen before."[7]
  • (To Makoto, Nagisa and Rei, about next year's tournament) "Don't worry. We'll be back."[7]
  • (To Rin) "Rin. I've found it, too." [7]
  • (To Ikuya) "I promise." ( "約束する。" Yakusoku suru.)
  • (To Ikuya) "You have to stop thinking you can go through life alone... Because you're not alone."
  • (To Ikuya) "I told you I'd keep my promise."
  • "Bring it on, world!"


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