Free! Rediscovery Book
Rediscovery book cover
Product Information
Publisher Kyoto Animation
Release Date September 5, 2015
Price ¥3,240
ISBN 4907064373
Book Information
Size A4 Vertical
Pages 150 (color)

Free! Rediscovery Book (TVアニメーション Free! Free! Rediscovery Book TV Animeeshon Free! Free! Rediscovery Book) is a fan book of the Free! anime.


The fan book features full-color storyboards of major scenes from the series' first season alongside extensive commentary from the staff. Also featured is a special collection of the characters in alternative oufits, such as those worn in the SPLASH FREE ending, along with character profiles.

The book was later followed by a sequel, Free!-Eternal Summer- Rediscovery Book. As the name implies, this sequel contains similar content to the first Rediscovery Book but focuses on the series' second season, Free!-Eternal Summer-.


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