Free! Illustration WORKS
Illustration works cover
Product Information
Publisher Kyoto Animation
Release Date November 15, 2013
Price ¥4,000
ISBN 490706408X
Book Information
Size A4 Vertical
Pages 88 (color)

Free! Illustration WORKS (TVアニメーション Free! イラストレーションワークス TV Animeeshon Free! Irasutoreeshon Waakusu) is a full-color illustration book of the Free! anime.


The book features 88 full pages of illustrations from the first season of the anime with the book being split into the following sections: Promotion (pages 3-10), Magazine (11-27), Music (28-41), Goods (42-49), & Visual Story (50-88).

The "Visual Story" section of the book is an accompaniment to the CD that came packaged with the book, and features both the text from the dramas alongside brand new illustrations related to these drama tracks. The CD also features bonus desktop mascot software for compatible computing systems (Japanese Windows XP/7/8).


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