Complete books box cover
Product Information
Publisher Kyoto Animation
Release Date December 28, 2014
Price ¥8,000 (Comiket87 sets)
Book Information
Size A4 Horizontal
Pages 134 (book 01; color)

36 (book 02; color)
60 (book 03; color)
230 (total)

Free! Free!ES COMPLETE BOOKS (Free! Free!ES コンプリートBOOKS Free! Free!ES Konpuriito BOOKS) is a book set featuring a model settings book, line art book, and background book of the Free!-Eternal Summer- anime.


The set features three books: 01 - MODEL SHEETS, 02 - LINE DRAWING, & 03 - BACKGROUND ART. The trio come encased in a special box set accompanied by a patterned tote bag.

The collections came available in two different sets available at Kyoto Animation's exhibit for Comiket87 in 2014: the For the future set, or the For the team set. The tote bag design differed depending on the set; a blue pattern with For the future, and pink with For the team. Both sets cost ¥8,000, and the book contents were identical across both sets.[1]

As the different book names suggest each books contents follow a different them, all in full color. Book 01 focuses on character models, especially different facial expressions, clothing variations & characters at different ages. Book 02 displays line art of various scenes from the anime, comparing the finished scene cels to the lineart during the progressive stages of animation. Book 03 showcases most major backgrounds and locations featured in Free!-Eternal Summer-, including giving new details for some of these places.[2]



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