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Forward Blue Waves
Forward blue waves cover.jpg
Song Information
Lyrics Saori Codama
Composition Tatsuya Kato
Yasushi Watanabe
Arrangement Megumi Suzuki
Satoshi Hono
Yuki Sekine
Ryunosuke Kasai
Single Information
Publisher Lantis
Seller Bandai Visual
Release Date July 10, 2019
Album Original Soundtrack Forward Blue Waves
Tracks 20 (Disc 1)
22 (Disc 2)
Price ¥3300
Length 33:41 (Disc 1)
34:23 (Disc 2)[1]

Forward Blue Waves (オリジナルサウンドトラック Forward Blue Waves Orijinaru Saundotorakku Forward Blue Waves) is the original soundtrack of the Free! anime's third compilation movie, Free!-Road to the World- the Dream. The album was released on July 10, 2019. There is also a digital download.


Disc 1

  1. Dream in the water
  2. Waking of butterfly
  3. Blue Destination
  4. Several mind
  5. Free from the cage
  6. Someone's hero
  7. Believe and proceed
  8. Sunny smile
  9. Magic hour
  10. Rhythm of city life
  11. Get dream back
  12. Growing as Team
  13. Speech of love
  14. Fresh reflected light
  15. Praise the Effort
  16. Reach for answer
  17. Overwhelming K.O.
  18. Tiny sympathy
  19. Silky Flow
  20. Mind-boggling power

Disc 2

  1. Promise of revival
  2. Conscious of rival
  3. Exciting generation
  4. For your new departure
  5. No matter what
  6. Map your future
  7. Stories of fellows
  8. Path to choose
  9. We are the Iwatobi children
  10. Recross the roads
  11. Because you were here
  12. Show the flight of butterfly
  13. Tonic handshake
  14. Bond to the future
  16. Drive the game
  17. Aim at the world
  18. Break limit open
  19. Struggle together
  20. The road continues...
  21. Fearless grin
  22. Road to the world