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Eita Saotome
Eita saotome .png
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation University student
Personal Status
Anime Free!-Dive to the Future-
Voice Actors
Japanese Satoshi Inomata
English Howard Wang

Eita Saotome (五月女 瑛太 Saotome Eita) is a minor character in the anime series Free! whose sole appearance is in Free!-Dive to the Future-. He is a university student at Meijo Chuo University with Makoto Tachibana. Eita asks Makoto if "Nagisa" is Makoto's girlfriend when he sees the name appear on Makoto's cellphone.


Eita has brown eyes and rust-colored chin-length hair. He is smaller than average in stature and is seen wearing an ivory mock turtleneck, brown jacket and brown trousers.


  • There is both a Meijo University and a Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan.