Deserted Islands (無人島 Mujintou), refers to a section of archipelago off the coast of Iwatobi. There, three deserted islands and a single inhabited one appear in an old training manual discovered by Gou Matsuoka. The deserted islands are named Sukishima (好島), Oshima (大島) and Mizushima (水島). The fourth is unnamed, but inhabited, and it is where the Iwatobi team sets up base camp. Their plan is to swim between all the islands in a daily circuit in order to improve strength and stamina. In Trial in Open Water! Gou, along with advisor Miho Amakata and the Iwatobi Swimmimg Club members, travel on Goro Sasabe's squid boat to said inhabited island where the Samezuka Swimming Club is also training at an indoor swimming venue. While Gou and Miho stay at a nearby lodge, the Iwatobi team camps on the beach. That night, following a near-drowning incident, the team ends up on Sukishima Island, where an abandoned Rest House and operational lighthouse stand. There they learn more about one another and become bonded as a team.



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