Brett Jones
Brett Jones.png

Also known as Sparky the Android, PJ or Peach
Gender Nonbinary
Birthday August 23, 1992
Age 28
Professional Status
Occupation Voice actor, Internet content creator, Gamer
Affiliation Funimation
Role(s) Shota Nakagawa

Brett Jones, now known and credited as PJ or Peach, is an English language voice actor, internet writer and gaming YouTuber affiliated with Funimation. They voice Shota Nakagawa in Funimation's English dub of the Free! series beginning with Free!-Eternal Summer-.

They are better known for co-creating and voicing Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka in the comedic series, 50% Off, a parody of Free!. They are good friends with Alexander Gross, the co-creator of 50% Off and voice of Toru Iwashimizu in the Free! series.


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