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Basic Info

Ayumu Kunikida
Kunikida Dive to the Future.jpg
Kanji 国木田 歩
Rōmaji Kunikida Ayumu
Also known as Ayumu-chan (Nagisa)
Gender Female
Professional Status

2nd Year High School Student

Education Iwatobi Badge.pngIwatobi High School

Iwatobi High School Swim Club

Position Manager (Iwatobi High School Swim Club; formerly)

Captain (Iwatobi High School Swim Club; current)

Personal Status
Anime Episode 26
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryo Hirohashi
English Apphia Yu

Ayumu Kunikida (国木田 歩 Kunikida Ayumu) is a supporting character in the anime series Free! beginning with Free!-Dive to the Future-. She is a high school student at Iwatobi High School. She was co-manager of the team with Gou Matsuoka, but following the graduation of the third-years, has become the team's new captain.*[1]


Ayumu is of small stature with olive green eyes and short, dark blue hair that curls outwards. She is usually seen wearing the Swim Club uniform.


She seems to be quiet and soft-spoken, but rather blunt in her statements. She doesn't like muscles much, preferring someone with a little fat on them, much to Gou's horror.[2]




  • She enjoys curry and likes cooking.
  • She also appears to be into knitting.[3]
  • Ayumu apparently has some rich and/or important relatives, as she was able to arrange a helicopter to transport her and the other Iwatobi members at short notice.*[4]

*Translation Note: This information is roughly translated from a piece of media still in cinemas, as such, all related facts may be subject to change/corrections in the future when official translations are released.