Australian Swimming Club
The team at practice
Swim Organization Information

Australian Swimming Club Members include:

The Australian Swimming Club is comprised of top swimmers preparing to compete at the global level. Most are native to Australia but some, like Rin Matsuoka, come from other countries. Rin swims with this team for some time before returning to Japan to attend Samezuka Academy.

It is at the express invitation of the team's regular coach that he returns to train with the team following high school graduation. While there, he meets and comes under the guidance of professional swim coach Mikhail Makarovich Nitori. Natsuya Kirishima attempts to become one of Mikhail's protégés, but is turned down because he is told he lacks the proper muscles.

The club appears to split its training sessions between two locations: the North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool & the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

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