Aoba Usami
Usami Aoba
Kanji 宇佐美 蒼波
Rōmaji Aoba Usami
Also known as The Cabybara of the Raging Rapids
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation High School student - at debut
Affiliation Soufukan High School
Swim Style Backstroke
Personal Status
Anime Free!-Take Your Marks-Ep 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Kentaro Kumagai​

Aoba Usami is a first year from Soufukan High School when we first meet him. He's loud, tough and ready to fight. His nickname is "The Cabybara of the Raging Rapids" with his best stroke being the backstroke. In competition, he often finds himself matched against Momotaro Mikoshiba of Samezuka Academy. Both possessing fiery dispositions, they compete not only in the pool, but for Gou Matsuoka's favor. Aoba has a deep, intimdating voice, but Momo never backs down. They even get in a ping pong battle over a capybara plush.


Aoba is tall and muscular with wavy, dark blond hair and grey eyes.



Ren and Makoto have a good sibling relationship with one another as Makoto looks out for him like a big brother should.



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