Alexander Gross

Gender Male
Birthday May 29, 1988
Age 30
Professional Status
Occupation Voice actor, Actor, and YouTube content creator
Role(s) Tōru Iwashimizu

Alexander Gross (better known as 'Octopimp') is a voice actor, video editor and YouTuber affiliated with Funimation's English dub of Free!-Eternal Summer- voicing Tōru Iwashimizu.

He is known for co-creating and playing Makoto, Nagisa and Rei from 50% Off, a parody series of Free!. He is good friends with Brett Jones (Sparky the Android), the other creator of 50% Off who played Shōta Nakagawa also as a special guest in the official English dub.


  • While credited for the roles of Tōru Iwashimizu under the name "Alexander Gross," he is more commonly known as "Octopimp" or "Octo."


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