Aki Yazaki
Kanji 矢崎 亜紀
Rōmaji Yazaki Aki
Also known as Zaki (by friends)
Zaki-chan (by Makoto and Nagisa)
Yazaki-san (by Rin)
Gender Female
Age 12-13 (High☆Speed!)
Professional Status
Occupation Elementary School Student (High☆Speed!)
Affiliation Iwatobi Elementary School (former)
Iwatobi Swimming Club (former)
Personal Status
Relatives Shota Yazaki (brother)
Anime N/A
Light Novel Chapter 2
Voice Actors

Aki Yazaki (矢崎 亜紀 Yazaki Aki) is one of the characters in the light novel High☆Speed! written by Kōji Ōji and was one of Haruka, Makoto, and Rin's classmates from elementary school. She was also in the same swim club, Iwatobi Swimming Club, as Haruka, Makoto, Rin, and Nagisa.


Aki's appearance is never mentioned in the light novel.

However she is mentioned to always be wearing a white muffler that is later stained brown when it accidentally falls into a river.

In the manga, she's shown to have a short bob haircut with a small braid running down part of it on one side.


Aki is a kind and sweet girl who always seems to have a "sunflower" smile. Because of her cheery disposition she always sees the silver lining in any situation.

She is also someone who values the relationships she has such as wanting Haru to depend on people and make friends, referring to her relay team as her sisters, and crying at her and the boy's elementary graduation ceremony.

Even in stressful situations she can keep a clear head and take charge such as when Haru almost drowned in the river, she was able to call the ambulance, swim club, and Haru's mother while Rin and Makoto saved him. She also didn't cry even though she looked like she was going to.


In the same competition where the boys won first place in their relay, Aki and her friends won bronze in the girls relay.


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  • Despite what the anime shows, Aki was actually the one who came up with the sentence 'I swim best free for the team' on the school bricks, according to light novel.
  • Although she plays an important part in the light novel and manga, Aki never makes an actual appearance in the anime.